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Stellenbosch University

University students from the sport science and psychology departments are trained in the program. The training benefits their health and well-being and contributes to their career development providing them world class training and skills congruent with their education that improve their employability. The students are awarded the opportunity to volunteer and run the program (under supervision) with groups of youths in underserved communities. The volunteering contributes to the students’ studies and their required community service hours. The training and the program implementation experience has huge benefits to the students holistic development.

Kayamandi Secondary School and Makupula Secondary School

The impoverished community of Kayamandi with few opportunities for positive youth development available, is an ideal space for the intervention. Despite the challenges of a lack of infrastructure and a lack of resources, the low-cost program makes a considerable impact in a short space of time. Two high schools within Kayamandi have been approved for the program implementation. The intervention has been successfully implemented with three groups of adolescent students at the two high schools.

Astra School for Learners with Special Educational Needs

Adolescents with disabilities in South Africa are a vulnerable group overwhelmingly disadvantaged in a developing country affected by poverty. South African youths with a disability face social inequity that affect their health and well-being, they have few resources on which to draw, and yet they are overlooked. PYD programs with a physical activity component may promote holistic health and well-being of people with disabilities and chronic health conditions, as well as ameliorate conditions they are living with (Gaskin & Hanrahan, 2015; Ley & Barrio, 2012; Page & Coetzee, 2019). Schools for learners with special education needs (LSEN) are a perfect site for the LifeMatters program, creating an environment that is accepting, inclusive, and promotes development (psychological, social, and academic).